Have a Pest Control Problem?

Have an Insect Invasion on Your Hands?

ant pest controlIf ants, bees, or other insects have made your home their home, you’ll want an experienced and reliable pest control company to solve your problem.  We’ll quickly find the causes of your insect problems; eliminate those causes and your bugs; then help you keep future insect invasions at bay.  No job is too large or small, so whether your insect invaders crawl or fly, call the courteous professionals at SouthLand Pest Control today.

Are Rodents Giving You Grief?

If mice or rats have moved into your home or business, it’s very important for you to take action.  This is because rodent infestations can grow quickly, cause expensive property damage, and spread health threatening diseases to your family or your employees. Furthermore, because rats and mice are highly intelligent rodents, they’re often able to avoid the common traps and poisons available to consumers.  If mice or rats are keeping you up at night, call SouthLand Pest Control.  We work round the clock to put your pests to rest and help you get a good night’s sleep!

Got Bed Bugs?

We’re bed bug specialists and provide our clients with the best bed bug detection & treatment service today – professionally trained and certified bed bug dogs!  Did you know humans are less than 30% accurate in detecting and locating bed bugs?  Because other pest companies have no way to detect bed bugs hidden out of human sight, they needlessly treat even uninfested areas at your expense and often require multiple visits to confirm a bed bug infestation exists at all!

Because our amazing bed bug dogs can detect and locate even the smallest bed bug infestations with 95+% accuracy, we can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars in unnecessary treatment costs!

If you need help getting rid of bed bugs, don’t take chances with pest control firms that use only error prone human inspections and outdated “spray and pray” treatments.  Let SouthLand Pest Control’s “Seek-And-Treat” approach give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your bed bug problems have been accurately identified and eliminated!

Pest Control Done Right – The First Time!

Whether your pest control problem is insects, rodents, or wildlife – SouthLand Pest Control will determine the root cause of the infestation, develop a treatment plan, then execute and/or adjust that plan until your pest problem is completely eliminated.  Once your pests have been removed, we offer a range of services to help ensure your pests do not return.  Southland Pest Control is determined to work round-the-clock to do pest control right!

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